Research projects

The University of Oxford's 'Centre for Excellence in Preparing for Academic Practice' has established a network of colleagues at research-intensive universities across the UK. These groups are actively interested in establishing a better understanding of current academic practice.

The collaborative groups have been funded by the Oxford Centre. Reports on five projects completed by the groups are available on this website, and can be accessed by following the links to the right. Many of the resources on this website are derived from or informed by the research undertaken during these projects.

KIng's College London

Theoretical frameworks underpinning GTA (Graduate Teaching Assistant) programmes – their influence on course participants and on the staff delivering these programmes.

Resources from this project are found in the “Trainers and Developers” area of the site.


University of Edinburgh

GTAs' perspectives on their roles as novice academic practitioners

Resources from this project inform the resources found in the area of the site called “Venturing into teaching”.


London School of Economics and Political Science

Academic Paths of Social Sciences PhD graduates

Resources located in the “Academic career paths” area of this site are derived from this project.


University of Warwick

Entering a community of practice: the acculturation of international postgraduates.

Being an international PhD researcher” and “Becoming a PhD researcher” are areas of this site which are informed by this research project.


University of Oxford

The next generation of social scientists: navigating the shifting academic landscape.

This research project informs many of the resources available in the area of this site called “Getting through your PhD”.

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